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To help us better understand your needs in a custom website, we have created this inquiry form for prospective clients. Please answer the following questions so that we can determine your specific requirements, likes (and dislikes) in styles and colors, and what features you want to include in your site.

Client Questionnaire
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What type of website are you planning?
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Which of these pages do you want to include on your site?

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Special Features?
What are your color/style preferences?
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Basic Theme: (ie - Modern, Traditional, etc)
Which of these general styles of design do you prefer?
Hard edges or square shapes
Rounded edges, circular or oval shapes
Free form shapes
Bright, primary colors (jewel tones)
Bold, saturated colors
Dark or deep colors
Light, pastel colors
Monochromatic (one or two subtle hues only)
Other Color Preferences:
Dark text on white background
Dark text on lightly colored background
Light text on dark backgrounds
Textured or pattern backgrounds
Photographic or illustrated themes or backgrounds
It's often helpful for us to see other sites on the web you particularly like. Please list one or more here.
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What is your approximate budget for the site design (excluding hosting or e-commerce fees which may apply)?

Under $400
$400 to $600
$600 to $800
$800 to $1000
$1000 to $1500
$1500 to $2500
Over $2500

What is your approximate budget for the monthly hosting and/or e-commerce fees?

Under $20 per month
$20 to $50 per month
Over $50 per month

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